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Motor Vehicle
Driver's License Information

Our offices do not administer written or driving tests, issue new Driver’s Licenses or new Identification Cards, issue new motorcycle licenses (if completed through the State program), process reinstatements, or issue and/or renew Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDL).

The following services are provided by our Motor Vehicle offices:

  • Renewal of a Colorado Driver’s License (not Commercial Driver’s License)
  • Renewal of a Colorado Identification Card
  • Transfer of a Driver’s License from another state (upon surrender of existing DL)
  • Process name and/or address changes (upon surrender of existing DL or Colorado ID card)
  • Replacement of a lost or stolen adult Driver’s License

Effective December 23, 2014, the BOCC authorized the Clerk’s Office to offer the following three services, with a $5.00 County Service fee in addition to the State fees.

  • Replacement of a Driver’s License for a minor
  • Issue a copy of the customer’s motor vehicle record
  • Issue a motorcycle endorsement (must present proof of completed Motorcycle Safety Foundation course)

These services are available at each of the four Clerk and Recorder office locations:

Main - Citizens Service Center (1675 W. Garden of the Gods Rd.)
Downtown - Centennial Hall Branch (200 S. Cascade)
North - Union Town Center Branch (northwest corner of Union Blvd.
          & Research Pkwy)
Southeast - Powers Branch (southeast corner of Powers and Airport Road)

Persons Under 21 Years of Age

Anyone under the age of 21 must go to the Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles Office, to transact Driver’s License business. The only service offered at our County Motor Vehicle offices for individuals under 21 is to replace the Driver’s License of a minor. The State Motor Vehicle Office located at 2447 N. Union Blvd. is open Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. The phone number is 719-594-8701.

NOTE: Effective April 4, 2011, the Real ID Act requires applicants for all Driver's License transactions to show proof of their residential address. A parent's proof of address indicated on the license is acceptable for a minor child. The applicant can provide any of the following documents.

  • Utility bill
  • Credit card statement
  • Pay stub or earnings statement
  • Rent receipt (may be handwritten)
  • Telephone or cell phone bill
  • Transcript or report card from an accredited school
  • Bank statement
  • Mortgage document
  • Tax document – Federal IRS; State; County Assessment; Local City Government
  • Homeowner's/renter's insurance policy
  • Vehicle registration
  • Printed prescription including medication containers
  • Homeless shelter – letter from official verifying residence
  • Motel – original letterhead with motel address and signature of office manager verifying residence
  • Recreational vehicle registration
  • Letter from a residential institution
  • Property tax statement
  • Any piece of mail or document which proves that letter was mailed to applicant
  • Any document from a government agency, city, state, or federal
  • Hunting/fishing license
  • Personal check with a printed address
  • If the applicant is living with a family member, the family member may produce a handwritten rent receipt verifying residence (even if they don’t officially pay rent)
  • Ages 0-21 Parent may present their Colorado ID/permit/license with valid address as proof of residency – applicant must be accompanied by parent in the Driver’s License Office
  • Concealed weapon permit
  • CDOT medical card
  • Proof of insurance – hard copy or electronically, e.g. smart phones

To be issued a Colorado Driver’s License, you must prove the following elements:

  • Full legal name (must provide proof of middle name, middle initial only, or no middle name). If full legal name (i.e. middle name spelled out) is not displayed, a certified original state or county issued birth certificate, U.S. passport (if applicable), or military ID (if applicable) would be required to confirm your middle name.
  • Identity
  • Age
  • Lawful presence in the United States

All documents presented must be certified originals or certified amended originals or true copies certified by the issuing agency.

Acceptable examples may be a state or county certified birth certificate, issued from vital statistics in the county or state in which you were born, valid US passport or naturalization papers. In some cases, a single document may prove all four elements.  However, it may be necessary for some applicants to provide multiple documents in order to prove all the required elements.  All documents presented must be certified originals or certified amended originals or true copies certified by the issuing agency. 

Identification Requirements – Colorado Department of Revenue Leaves Clerk and Recorder's Site

When processing a name change, an original legal document authorizing the change is required. Acceptable examples may be a filed certified marriage certificate, filed certified divorce decree or a filed certified court order issued by a state or federal court or government. A name change will require the renewal of your Driver's License.

Our office can replace a lost or stolen Colorado Driver's License or Colorado Identification Card. The license or ID card will be reissued as a renewal license or a renewal identification card when you present a state or county certified copy of your birth certificate, a valid US passport, or a Social Security card.

If your Colorado Driver’s License or Colorado Identification Card has been stolen and you wish to replace it and obtain a new number, please contact the Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles.

The Colorado Department of Revenue full-service office is located in the Audubon Shopping Village located at 2447 N. Union Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80909. The hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Please call (719) 594-8701 for more information.