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Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle Renewals

Renewing a vehicle registered in Colorado:

  • Renewal postcards are mailed out at the beginning of the month of expiration.
  • If you no longer own the vehicle, disregard the notice.
  • Renew online at Leaving the Clerk and Recorder's Site
  • Include proof of insurance if it is noted on your postcard renewal notice. ALL motor vehicle types MUST have insurance to be driven on Colorado highways. House Bill 98-1213, which became effective July 1, 1999, requires that prior to registration or renewal, owners of tax Class C vehicles (passenger, motorhome and motorcycle), must provide proof of insurance. Effective May 12, 2000, owners of Class B vehicles (including light trucks and SUV's) must show proof of insurance before registering vehicles. Signing the back of the renewal card DOES NOT constitute showing proof of insurance. Use this link for more information on Insurance Requirements.
  • Provide us with your new physical and mailing addresses if they have changed.
  • Include proof of emissions if it is noted on your postcard renewal notice.
  • Return the renewal card with payment in an envelope so that it will reach the County Clerk's Office before the last day of the grace period (one month after the expiration month). Checks should be made payable to the El Paso County Clerk and a driver's license number should be included on the check as well as the plate number being renewed.
  • Mail the renewal notice to: Motor Vehicle Department, 1675 W. Garden of the Gods Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80907.
  • If moving from another county within the state of Colorado, emission requirements and fees may differ. Please contact the Motor Vehicle Office via email at for information.
  • If you did not receive your renewal card, the timely renewal of your registration is still your responsibility. Contact the County Clerk's Motor Vehicle Office via email at
  • Effective June 1, 2009, El Paso County vehicle owners are required to pay an additional $25.00 late fee per month up to $100 on each vehicle registered after the one-month grace period as provided by C.R.S. 42-3-112 (SB09-108).
  • Effective January 1, 2016, a statewide change was implemented for certain vehicle registration cards. On the reverse side of the title/registration receipt, there will be printed a breakdown of the fees.  This is only for either new registration transactions or renewals processed in the County Clerk’s office or over the phone.

    Registration renewals transacted through the mail or online remain in the current format and will not show a breakdown of fees on the reverse side of the title/registration receipt.