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Secure and Verifiable Identification

Effective July 1, 2006 all new and duplicate title applications are required to include a SECURE AND VERIFIABLE IDENTIFICATION to complete the transaction. Secure and Verifiable Identification is required to be presented for new registration, new placard and new temporary permit transactions.

The following identification documents are acceptable for purposes of processing an application for a Certificate of Title and/or Registration. These documents have been determined to meet the qualification as “secure and verifiable” pursuant to C.R.S. 24-72.1-103(1).

1. Any Colorado Driver’s License or Colorado Identification Card expired less than 1 year. (Temporary paper license with previous Colorado license is still considered acceptable.)

2. Out-of-state issued photo driver’s license or photo identification card expired less than 1 year.

3. US Passport expired less than 10 years.

4. Valid foreign passport with I-94 or valid Processed For I-551 stamps; No: B1, B2, WT, WB, CP or NC status. H1, H2, J1, J2, F1, F2 etc. requires verification of Colorado employment or education.

5. Valid I-551 Resident Alien/Permanent Resident card. NO border crosser or USA B1/B2 Visa/BCC cards.

6. Valid I-688 Temporary Resident Card, I-688B and I-766 Employment Authorization Card.

7. Valid US Military ID (active duty, dependent, retired, reserve and National Guard).

8. Tribal Identification Card.

9. Certificate of Naturalization with intact photo.

10. Certificate of (US) Citizenship with intact photo.

The following identification documents also are acceptable for purposes of processing an application for a Certificate of Title and/or Registration, although we recommend that photo identification card from the list above be required.  

1. I-94 with refugee/asylee status.

2. Certified Birth Certificate (Federal, State, County, Department of Justice, Department of State and Bureau of Indian Affairs). Birth certificates issued by a hospital are NOT acceptable.

3. United States or United States Territory certified court order of adoption (must include date of birth).

4. Original or certified copy of a DD214 (US Military Separation Papers) from the Department of Defense or Veterans Affairs. Any DD214 with the disclaimer “not to be used for identification” is not acceptable.

5. Temporary Colorado Paper Driver’s License, Colorado 7-Day Affidavit and Notice of Revocation or Affidavit and Notice of Suspension.