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2017 Redistricting Goals and Key Features

On May 25, 2017, Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman presented three options for county commissioner district adjustments. The district adjustments reflect only minor technical changes of no more than five precincts.

The following outlines the goals that guided the development of the three options:

  1. Comply with Colorado Constitution and Revised Statutes
  2. Draw each Commissioner into a district, not draw out declared candidates
  3. Reasonably maintain equal population while anticipating future growth
  4. Preserve key features for each district
  5. Preserve reasonable definition of communities of interest
  6. Create districts that were geographically identifiable
  7. Appropriately align representation for areas affected by natural disasters (e.g. Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires)
  8. Maintain the Board’s previously stated desire to increase representation for Eastern El Paso County

Click to learn the key features and positives/negatives for each map option:

                        Option 1            Option 2            Option 3

And below are the key features of each district that the proposals seek to preserve.


2017 Redistricting Key Features

Clerk and Recorder Broerman also presented a plan that was approved for new precincts in El Paso County. Precincts in counties that use electronic or electromechanical voting systems like us  must establish at least one precinct for every 1,500-2,000 active eligible voters (1-5-101(3), C.R.S.). From 2015 to 2016, the active voter count increased 18 percent in our county, and we needed to accommodate that growth through 37 new precincts.

Federal and state boundaries are unchanged. Also important to note is that HB13-1303 modified Colorado’s elections model by doing away with precinct-based voting and by transitioning to an all mail ballot state with Voter Service and Polling Centers (VSPCs) set up throughout the county. Voters from any precinct and district may vote at any VSPC during a county-administered election.