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Serving the people in our community is a priority for the Clerk and Recorder’s Office. We look for avenues to “get out the word” with information that will help you understand the services that are available in our office and why they function a certain way.

Our community outreach goes into schools, organizations and businesses, and includes our own Citizens’ Academy where attendees learn all about the Clerk's Office.  We encourage interaction with the public and send staff out to help educate people so they realize the Clerk’s Office is working with them and for them.

In addition, we offer assistance to other government entities and lend support through our experience and professional staff. Collaborative efforts among counties and municipalities all are focused on providing the most efficient public service.

Recent activity in the community is shown below.  If you would like our office to participate in a program or offer information, please contact Mattie Albert, Strategy and Development Manager, (719) 520-6226, or


People visiting Penrose Library had the opportunity to meet two of our Elections team members and have their questions answered by the pros.  Stacey Peacock (pictured) and Brian McLellan were available to help citizens register to vote or update their registrations. Five people who stopped by the table registered!

Getting out into the community is part of the Elections team’s mission to make voting easier for citizens.  Contact us anytime, we’ll be glad to assist.  719-575-VOTE (8683) or

Elections Team at Penrose Library



What better time to learn about elections than during the exciting Presidential Election cycle? Doherty High School hosted Mattie Albert, Elections Assistant Manager, and Brian McLellan, Elections Specialist, to talk with students about the election process.  The majority of the 100 students attending were Juniors and showed their enthusiasm for learning and participating!  Several signed up to serve as Election Judges and worked alongside our staff for the election. Thanks to them for their interest and involvement!

Many students had already registered to vote when they got their Driver’s Permit and others took registration forms with them.  As a note, citizens can register to vote before their 18th birthday, and then are eligible to vote when they turn 18.

Mattie and Brian discussed why it is important to vote – your vote is your voice! They explained Colorado’s all mail ballot voting structure and that 2016 is the first Presidential Election to be conducted as all mail ballot. Students learned how to register to vote, how elections are conducted in Colorado and where to find information on important ballot issues.



“Thank you for being out there. Great work and friendly, pleasant folks.”  This was a comment on Facebook about our Elections Booth at the 2016 Tri-Lakes Fourth of July Celebration.

Photo of Election booth at July 4, 2016 street fair in Monument.

What better way for citizens to celebrate the beginning of our democracy on July 4 than ensuring their voter registration is up-to-date or registering to vote!  Our Elections booth offered those services at the street fair in Monument.

Senior Elections Specialist Jace Richards and Specialist Cynthia Fuller assisted 27 people complete voter registration forms to register or update their voter record.  Another 12 took the registration forms or inquired about registering or updating online.  And for fun, they handed out candy, flag pins and patriotic leis.



Third Graders at Otero Elementary had a hands-on experience learning about voting from the Clerk’s Elections staff members Stacey Peacock and Jace Richards in January, 2016. The children had been learning about government and voting in their classroom.  They talked about “laws” for their classroom to vote on and wrote questions to be placed on a “ballot”.  Jace and Stacey used the kids’ questions to develop a ballot for a mock election.   In the spirit of 2016 they also included “presidential” candidates.  Making the day more authentic, they brought a voting booth and ballot box.

Stacey and Jace taught the third graders all about elections. Topics included voter registration, voting equipment, mail ballots, number of terms a president can serve and lots more information. The kids were fantastic listeners and answered almost all the quiz questions correctly – yes there was a quiz!! Then students cast their votes in an “election”.  And the president/vice president vote? The ticket of Mario and Luigi beat out the likes of Mickey/Minnie, Kermit/Miss Piggy and Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck. Photo of Election staff giving presentation at Otero Elemenary.


Voters had an opportunity to talk with Election staff members and register or update their voter registrations at two holiday events in the summer of 2015.

Photo of Election booth at Monument street fair July 4, 2015.

The Fountain Fall Festival on Labor Day, September 7, was a great venue for our Election team to reach many voters.  Angela Leath (right) and Jace Richards, both Senior Elections Specialists, were on hand to answer many questions. They collected 31 Voter Registration forms at the booth and seven more people took the form with them.

The Town of Monument hosted an Independence Day parade and street fair for the tri-lakes area on July 4.  Senior Elections Specialist Brandi Bantz (left), along with Specialists Byron Linthicum and Cynthia Fuller visited with people stopping by for information.  There were 25 forms completed for new voter registration or voter reg updates.

Photo of Election booth at fall festival in Fountain on Labor Day 2015.


The City faced a substantial undertaking in the spring of 2015 when it conducted two elections within a six-week timeframe.  The City of Colorado Springs Municipal Election was April 7, followed by the Mayoral Runoff Election on May 19.

The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office offered support to the City in a cooperative effort.  The County opened six 24/7 ballot drop boxes and installed office-hour drop boxes inside all Motor Vehicle offices.  There also was assistance by County staff at the City Clerk’s Office.

County Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman stated, “The two offices – City and County – working in conjunction are firmly committed to the voters of Colorado Springs and providing efficient, fair and transparent elections.”

Photo of County employees at ballot drop box for City election 2015.

County Election staff Stacey Peacock (left) and Michelle Woosley helped voters at a drive-up ballot drop-off box.