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Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners

El Paso County Marijuana Information

Medical Marijuana Licenses for Unincorporated El Paso County

The Clerk to the Board accepts medical marijuana license applications on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners, the Local Licensing Authority. For the most current information, visit the Colorado Department of Revenue Enforcement Division.

  1. El Paso County Medical Marijuana Policy
  2. El Paso County Medical Marijuana Schedule of Fees

Application Process for Medical Marijuana License

Getting Started With Your Medical Marijuana Business License Application

MMJ Required Documents

Consent to Release of Financial Information

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Marijuana and
El Paso County

1.      Does El Paso County allow Retail (also referred to as recreational) Marijuana
         Sales and Growing? 

No, only medical marijuana licensing is allowed in unincorporated El Paso County pursuant to County Ordinance 13-01.

2.     Does El Paso County allow Marijuana Clubs?

No, Board Resolution 15-004 prohibits any kind of marijuana club.

3.     Where can a medical marijuana business be legally located?

The County strictly regulates location through the Land Development Code and medical marijuana facilities can only be located in Zoning Districts C1 and C2. Zoning maps are available at the Planning and Community Development Department located at 2880 International Circle, Colorado Springs, 520-6300.

4.     How many marijuana plants can an individual grow for themselves? 

Board Resolution 15-427 limits the number of plants that can be grown in a single dwelling unit, regardless of the number of persons, to 12 plants with ½ or fewer being mature.

5.     What if a person is authorized an extended plant count for medical purposes?

The number of plants cannot exceed 12 plants per Resolution 15-427.

6.     What do I do if I suspect an illegal marijuana grow?

Contact the Metro VNI Unit at 719-444-7766 to report.